5 Bodycare Products for Better Hygiene

We are only now beginning to understand how chemicals affect our health and well being. Unfortunately we are surrounded by chemicals: they are in our foods, in our personal care products, cleaning products, clothing, our homes… everywhere.

One of the changes that we can easily make in our lives to reduce our exposure to chemicals is to change the type of bodycare products that we use. We can opt for products that use organic and natural ingredients rather than artificial chemicals.

Look for bodycare products that are better for your health and hygiene.


1. Gentle Face Wash

Whereas regular soap strips natural oils from the skin, a soap-free face cleanser will help retain natural moisture. So pick a soap-free gel or liquid that has organic ingredients rather than chemical ones. Also look for ones that are enriched with natural oils for natural fragrances rather than artificial ones.

2. SLS Free Shampoo

Sodium laureth sulfate (or sodium lauryl sulfate) is a chemical that is found in nearly all shampoos and is added to create the characteristic foaming action. It is inexpensive and is widely used; however it can cause scalp irritation and can exacerbate certain skin conditions. Choose the appropriate shampoo for your hair type: fine, thick, straight, frizzy, dry, damaged, color treated, etc.

3. Natural Body Scrub

Dead cells, pollution, dust and other impurities are constantly building up on the surface of our skin. When sloughed off, a fresher, clearer and younger layer of skin is revealed. Look for a body scrub with natural exfoliating edges such as sea salt and plant extracts. Use this once a week in the shower for smooth, fresh, and glowing skin.

4. Natural Hand Cream

Most of us know the importance of regular hand washing to keep infections and sickness at bay. This may keep bugs at bay, but it also robs the skin of natural oils, making it dry and rough. Though we may not think about it much, moisturizing hands is important because the skin of our hands can be a dead giveaway of our real age!

5. Natural Bath or Shower Gel

Look for products that are soap-free and fragrance-free, or the ones that derive fragrance from natural oils such as lavender, patchouli, bergamot, etc.

Look for body care products that contain no parabens (the harmful chemicals) and which do not list the word ‘fragrance’ in their list of ingredients. Dozens of different harmful chemicals could be added to a personal hygiene product under the heading of ‘fragrance’, and we may be wholly unaware of what those are!