5 Nutrient Rich Foods for a Great Health

In order to have good health, you require a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle involves healthy eating, exercising and avoiding junk foods and foods high in fats and calories.

Diets are a great way of keeping and maintaining good health and different diets have different foods that it uses. For the body to function properly it needs certain foods and these foods are highly recommended in order to achieve great overall health and avoid the risk of contracting various diseases.


1. Whole Grain

The first type of super food that is highly recommended is whole grain. Whole grain is a type of food rich in fiber such as brown and wild rice, barley, whole wheat, rye, quinoa and amaranth. These types of foods enhance the increase in your mortality rate and enable you to be healthy for longer.

2. Green Vegetables

The second types of super foods are green vegetables and oranges. These types of foods can lengthen life and reduce the risk of cancer and various diseases. Foods like these are extremely healthy such as oranges and dark green vegetables which include sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, romaine lettuce and broccoli are highly advised healthy to eat foods.

3. Berries

Another super food that is recommended as a healthy food is berries. Berries such as strawberries and blueberries have been stated to help prevent cancers such as breast, bladder, skin, esophagus and lungs.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also one of the super foods that are recommended for healthy life. Although considered a luxury food, dark chocolate has been found by various studies to reduce risk to heart attacks and stroke. Dark chocolate is stated to contain illness fighting antioxidants.

5. Fish

Fish is also a healthy super food that increases overall health and the types of fish that are especially effective are salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and other oily fish. These types of fish have omega 3 fatty acids that raise good cholesterol levels and increase brain function.