Beat Stress at Workplace with Meditation

One of the reasons why you are not able to beat stress is the fact that you spend much of your time at work. When you are at work, you are busy and you do not have time for anything else like attending phone calls from your family members or even having your lunch. Work can bring a lot of stress in your life.

Apart from work related stress, people also suffer emotional stress. Sometimes stress can motivate you but most of the times it will make you concentrate less on your health. If you feel that your job is taking a toll on your health, you need to break free from your stress by meditating at your workplace. Meditation greatly helps in relaxing your mind and rejuvenating your senses. Here are some tips that can help you beat stress at your workplace:

1. Practice Pranayama

yoga-in-officeTake some time to practice natural breathing. If you can access web at your office, you can watch some videos on Pranayama yoga. It is all about inhaling the air slowly until your stomach goes inside and wait for 3 seconds in the same position, and then exhale slowly and bring your stomach to normal state. This will help in sending increased oxygen to your brain and will stabilize your blood pressure.

2. Focus on Your Work

Another meditation technique that can make you more alert is to concentrate more on the task that you are performing. This will help you improve focus on the work and finish it soon.

3. Take Out Time to Relax

If you have around 15 minutes of spare time at your work, you can go to the bunker room and sit on a cozy sofa or bean bag with the lights turned off. You can listen to soft music on your iPod and try inhaling and exhaling. Do not think of anything else but just keep on concentrating on your breathing. Include this in your daily routine.

4. Spend Time in the Meditation Center

Talk to the management and inquire whether there is a meditation center or a gym. Many organizations are offering meditation centers to help their employees overcome stress. If there is one, you can spend time at the meditation center and refresh yourself.

5. Join a Meditation Course

If your local mediation center at office is offering meditation programs such as Yoga or Tai Chi training, do join a meditation course. Before leaving your office at the end of the day, you can spend 30 minutes to replenish your soul. This will definitely beat stress at your workplace.