5 Benefits of Body Exercise

Body exercise is a physical activity that is deliberate, controlled, and recurring for the purpose of conditioning any part of the body. It is a very important component of good health, especially as one-person advances in age. Exercising is associated with various benefits. It is considered as the best way of losing weight or keeping fit.

In order to take the full benefits of exercise, it should be done regularly and consistently. Irregular body exercise does not benefit the body; rather it can cause more harm. It is also suggested that services of a personal trainer be hired so as to assist in guiding the exercise program.


1. Brain

Exercise helps the brain work better, making one smarter. This is because exercise helps in boosting of brainpower and minimizing forgetfulness especially to the aging people. According to research, exercise can lead to the formation of brain cellsthus making the memory of a person become stronger and stronger. Conditions such as senility can be managed if the aging person exercises consistently and as per the needs of the body.

2. Infection

Studies have proved that body exercise improves resistance to fight infection. Strong immune system helps in lowering the risks of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.Two new studies on mice show that exercise can act as a form of protection against skin and bowel cancer. According to the study, mice that used running wheels developed fewer and smaller skin tumors. It was also established that exercise causes the death of cancer cells.

3. Diabetes

On the other hand, physical exercise reduces risks of diabetes by reducing insulin resistance. High insulin level is one of critical drivers of high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight gain which eventually results to heart attack. Therefore, exercise is the most preferred way of managing these health challenges.

4. Stress

Body exercise is very critical in reducing stress. When a person is stressed, there is always a muscle tension triggered to prepare for the fight. Body exercise enables the body muscles to relax, thus easing the tension. Stress triggers the numerous hormones to be secreted to the blood stream. These hormones eventually lead to stress related diseases. Body exercise offers a solution to this; exercising ensures that these stress hormones are used, thus avoiding their accumulation in the body.

5. Impact of diseases

Exercise also benefits the body by reducing the impact of diseases, both in the long and short-run. Body exercise uses fat and cholesterol converted by the liver from glycogen to glucose form.