Importance of Fiber in Your Daily Diet

There are various foods that the body needs in order to be healthy and one of these is fiber. Fiber rich foods are important for the body and they can be broadly divided into 2 categories – soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers assist in removing toxins from the colon and also in balancing intestinal acids.

Sources of Fiber

Fiber is found on the skin of fruits and vegetables and in whole grain foods. There are various types of foods rich in fiber and these include raw raspberries, whole grains and bran foods, oats, fruits and seeds. You can also take fiber supplements that help in giving the body the fiber it needs; however, the best method is to eat fiber rich foods. Fruits are the easier and tastier way of consuming fiber. Adding strawberries or bananas to your cereal is a good way to add fiber into your diet. Vegetables that are rich in fiber include avocado and beans.

Benefits of Fiber

cereal-for-fiberFiber is described as a rich and necessary weapon to cleanse the body’s system of toxins and fats. Eating fiber rich foods can help prevent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, normalize bowel movements and other ailments. Women require about 25 grams of fiber a day. And taking 30 grams fiber a day radically reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Fiber also keeps the bowel at constant movement and helps in keeping stool soft and easier to pass. It absorbs water in the bowel area and assists in pushing waste out of the body because it can remain intact and bulky in the intestinal tract. This is one way to relieve constipation. Because of its bulky nature, foods that contain fiber help in reducing food cravings and thus help in weight loss.