How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer Naturally

A single hair shaft (the part of your hair strand which is visible) is composed of moisture, keratin and some binding material. Each hair shaft is also made up of three different layers. The first and innermost layer, the medulla, is only found among thick hairs. The second layer, the cortex, is made of keratin fibers, and it is this layer which provides the hair strand its texture and color. And finally the outermost layer, which is cuticle, provides protection for the cortex.


So if you want to grow your hair faster and longer, it’s important that you take care of each layer of your hair shafts. Here are some homely tips to help you do this naturally at home:

Cut your hair tips every three months

Cutting your hair a few inches off of your hair tips every three months will prevent the hair tips from getting damaged (which is where most hair damage originates). By removing these damaged areas, you will be able to prevent them from spreading other parts of your hair, thus keeping them healthy.

Avoid hair breakage

Premature breakage is one of the reasons why some people just can’t seem to grow long hair. This problem occurs when the hair shafts are deprived of natural oil, which often results from too much washing or shampooing. So if you want to grow your hair long, try to reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair.

Avoid heat and stay clear from the sun

Remember how moisture is important for healthy hair shafts? Well, here’s a reminder. Heat deprives your hair of moisture, which not only causes breakage, but also damages the inner areas of your hair shaft. If the damage is allowed to spread, your hair shafts will not be able to grow normally, which means that you won’t get longer hair.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that harsh chemicals prevent hair strands from growing normally. So if you want longer hair, start using shampoos, soaps and conditioners which are made from natural ingredients. You should also avoid smog, pollutants and swimming in pools with too much chlorine. The important point to remember here is that you need to protect your hair. If you can do that, then your hair shafts will be able to grow naturally on their own.