What Causes Back Pain?

Any pain that comes from the structures of the spine cord like the nerves, muscles, bones and joints can be termed as back pain; technically known as dorsalgia. This pain occurs in a number of ways or characteristics that is, it can be either sharp, piercing or having a burning feeling, or it may also be a simple dull ache.

Back pain may be a spot concentrated or uniformly spreading from the source point and also be characterized as being a regular pain or as being a sudden onset type. Health care professionals have been heard saying that a lot of the cases they receive are on back pain and this is backed by the fact that the back bone is interconnected by complex network that is prone to getting injured, and hence causing pain.

Classification of back pain

Back pain is classified into a number of categories majorly determined by the area of occurrence:


  • According to the anatomy of the back bone e.g. lower back pain or neck pain
  • As per the time it takes, i.e. either acute or chronic
  • The cause of a back pain
  • Etiology

What really causes back pain?

Back pain is associated with a lot of things. There is no specific reason we can attribute it to; back pain is a sign or symptom of an organ that is sick and through its nerve system it sends those pain feelings to the spine system, thus causing pain the in the back. But despite this fact, different types of the back pain have been known to be caused due to some specific reasons like:

  • Straining of the muscles and the ligaments or lifting of something exceeds your wait, by far, or by lifting it improperly has been known to contribute much to the cause of back pain.
  • An abrupt movement like stepping on a lower level than you expected can cause back pain.
  • A sport action that involves bending of the back at moments can cause back pain at slight mistake occurrence.
  • A muscle spasm has also been known to cause this disease.

It’s also important to note here that the following factors increase the chances of developing a back pain, especially the low type:

  • Depression and much demanding careers
  • Pregnant women are also at a risk of experiencing a back pain
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Aged people more often complain of a back pain
  • Strenuous physical work or exercises especially the military trainings
  • Overweight which creates imbalances
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle

Signs and symptoms of back pain

The only sign and symptom for a back pain is the feeling of the pain itself especially when it flows down the buttocks to the legs. Note here that if other signs accompany back pain, then a medical attention is required because as mentioned earlier, back pain is also a sign that there is something wrong somewhere.